CPEA 2022 Transfer Procedures 

PR – The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs and Information informs the public of the transfer request  procedures for 2022. 

Please see the attached document for details.  


Transfers will only be allowed under the following strictly adhered to  grounds: 

For a student to be transferred (from the first school assigned to another),  at least one of the following criteria must be met: 

  1. a) AVAILABILITY of Space: in accordance with the 1:35 teacher to pupil  ratio. 
  2. b) VACATED Space: where a student has vacated an assigned  placement at the school for which a transfer is requested. 
  3. c) OTHER Special Conditions: Hinged on a) and b), but not limited where  the following conditions apply: 
  • Medical and/or Psychological Conditions: underlying conditions  with proven history and records. 
  • Change in Residence: Where the student now resides closer to  the preferred school (proof required). 


TRANSFERS: The following procedures will apply when requesting transfers  for students: 

  1. Parents or Guardian shall apply for transfer electronically via the following link: https://form.jotform.com/213265617572862.
  2. The applications form should be completed by 1st July 2022.
  3. The application will be reviewed by a CPEA Transfer Committee (comprised of the manager, the principal and vice principal of the school), chaired by the principal. 
  4. The school’s CPEA Transfer Committee will meet and submit their  recommendations to the Ministry of Education, through the Office of  the Chief Education Officer, no later than two (2) weeks after the results  are published. Recommendations received after the deadline will not be  considered. 
  5. Principals will send all recommendations for transfers to the Ministry  of Education through the Office of the Chief Education Officer, for final  approval.
  6. All recommendations for transfers shall be forwarded to the Planning,  Research & Development Unit through the Office of the Chief Education  Officer, for documentation and collating, which must be done within  two (2) business days following receipt. 
  7. All recommendations shall then be forwarded to the Ministry’s CPEA  Oversight Committee (comprised of Chief Education Officer, DCEO Testing & Measurement; DCEO-School Administration; Senior Planning  Officer), for transfer review and decisions.  
  8. Transfers will only be granted after the Ministry of Education has  reviewed and officially documented the transfer decision. 
  9. Immediately following the review and decisions, the following steps shall  be taken  
  10. a) for all approved transfers, the parent or guardian shall be notified  in writing by the Office of the Chief Education Officer, so that all  requisite steps are followed.  
  11. b) For all denied transfers, the parent or guardian shall be notified  in writing by the Office of the Chief Education Officer, so that all  requisite steps are follo


  • The Ministry of Education will NOT ACCEPT any hard copies of completed transfer forms from parents, and accordingly, parents  MUST refrain from making their request physically at the  Examination’s Unit. 
  • Parents who DO NOT have access to electronic means of submission can contact the Educational Testing and Measurement  Unit via telephone: 440-2791 or 440-2737 Ext: 27004, to assist  with the same. 
  • Late submission of transfer forms and incomplete forms WILL NOT be considered. 
  • Based on students’ performance and the number of students placed in  the school of their first choice, some schools have already met their  CAPACITY. Therefore, the Ministry of Education WILL NOT allow  transfer to schools where the class size is already at its maximum.