COVID-19 Outbreak At Barbados Psychiatric Hospital

(CMC)— Barbados health authorities have confirmed an outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) at the Psychiatric Hospital, where more than 100 cases had been detected in recent days.

The authorities said that through contact tracing, a link between two wards had been detected with at least three patients at one of the wards found to be symptomatic.

According to an official statement, a decision was made to subsequently screen all staff and patients at one of the wards and that as of October 22, at least 43 positive cases out of the 56 patients had been detected.

It said results from tests conducted on the other ward as of the same date, revealed 64 positive cases out of the 65 patients there.

“In total, the Psychiatric Hospital detected 111 cases, as of October 22. Management and staff have put measures in place to manage the situation. Due to the high infection rate in the facility, all staff and clients will be tested,” the statement said.

It said that all staff are being kept up-to-date of the situation, and are being advised on how to isolate or quarantine appropriately to minimise risk to themselves and their families.

“The two wards affected are now isolation units and quarantine protocols have been adopted on the other wards. The hospital plans to implement a Safe Zone Operational Plan over the next coming days.”

The Ministry of Health and Wellness said it will continue to manage the situation at the Psychiatric Hospital and ensure that measures are implemented to limit further spread of COVID-19 within the facility and manage all patients.

It said as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, all visits by family and friends have been temporarily discontinued.

Meanwhile, three more persons have died from COVID-19 in Barbados, bringing the total number of deaths from the virus to 131.

The authorities said an 89-year-old Barbadian man died on Saturday, while in secondary isolation at the Harrison’s Point Isolation Facility. He was partially vaccinated.

A 67-year-old unvaccinated woman succumbed to the viral illness on Saturday, and on Sunday, October 24, a 65-year-old woman, who was unvaccinated, also died at the facility.