Cops Swarm Rihanna’s Home After Man Tried Proposing To Her

(URBAN ISLANDZ)  – Rihanna is beefing up security after a man traveled thousands of miles to ask her to marry him. A man from South Carolina traveled to Rihanna’s Los Angeles home, triggering a barrage of personal security and police officers flooding the artist’s home due to the unwanted intrusion.

On Thursday night, TMZ reported that the man somehow made his way from South Carolina, and he attempted to walk onto the artist’s property to have access to her home and her person. The reason? He reportedly said he wanted to propose to the “Umbrella” singer.

It’s bizarre given the distance between South Carolina and Los Angeles, and even weirder is his reason given that the pop artist is not only a mother to a young baby not yet one year old, but she is heavily pregnant and no doubt vulnerable during this period.

Thankfully the man who was photographed wearing a red Nike hoodie was accosted by cops. He was taken from the custody of security at Rihanna’s home and handcuffed, and taken to a police patrol car. The unfortunate part of it all is that cops are not arresting or charging him because he technically didn’t commit a crime since he didn’t break onto the property and he was stopped he committed a crime.

This is not the first time that a man has tried to get at the singer. In another scary incident in 2018, Eduardo Leon had broken into the singer’s home reportedly to “have sex with her” and even went unnoticed for an entire day at her property. Luckily, the singer was out of the country, and Leon was arrested and charged.

The beautiful, down-to-earth singer has been spotted out and about doing ordinary things as any other person and was recently spotted out shopping for groceries at a local store. She ran into a fan who was very welcoming. Hopefully, she is taking precautions to protect herself, given this latest incident.

In other Rihanna, a woman ran into the Bajan billionaire yesterday while she was out shopping at the grocery store, and shared her experience with the billionaire beauty mogul.

“Guess who I met in the supermarket,” Rihanna she said. “My God I don’t even know where to start… I met RIHANNA today.”