Construction On $27.4 Million Dollar Grenada Christian Academy School To Begin 

PR –  Construction of a new school for the Grenada  Christian Academy moved one step closer on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, with a sod-turning  ceremony at the new school site, located behind the basketball court, adjacent to the Pearls  Airstrip. 

Construction is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 8, 2024, and is expected to be completed in  18 months. At least 175 people are expected to be employed on the project during peak periods  of construction. 

The project falls under phase two of the Grenada Education Enhancement Project and is funded  by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). On November 22, 2023, the Ministry of Education  signed a $27.4 million contract with Kee-Chanona and Sonrise Construction JV Inc. The  architectural firm is Beston Consulting. 

The Grenada Christian Academy currently houses just under 150 students. In the new facility, it  will be able to accommodate 300, with the future possibility of expanding that number to 500. 

Prime Minister, Hon. Dickon Mitchell, thanked the former administration for its contribution to  the process. He noted that the Government of Grenada has spent as much as USD $65 million on  school infrastructure upgrades in the past several years. He revealed that despite this, at least 45  percent of Grenada’s schools remain to be rehabilitated post-Hurricane Ivan. 

Speaking about the expected new home for the Grenada Christian Academy, he said, “I want to  take this opportunity to urge the contractor and the consultant to appreciate that the funding for  this project, while borrowed from the Caribbean Development Bank, is going to be repaid by the  tax payers of Grenada, and, so, the students, the principals, and the tax payers of Grenada deserve  to see a finished product that will be the envy of the rest of Grenada.” 

Other benefits to the community will include improvements to the civil infrastructure, including  roads, drainage, utilities, skill development in construction, and community engagement. The  scope of work includes the complete construction of four three-story buildings to house  approximately 11 classrooms, as well as a basketball court. 

Tiffany Donald, project engineer, said, “It will be equipped with laboratories for sciences, food  and nutrition, clothing and textiles, and home management, among others. Moreover, the design 

did not neglect the technical subjects and incorporates rooms for electricity and electrical  technology, auto mechanics, small engine repair, and building technology, to name a few. Some  other noteworthy amenities are the office spaces designated for the management and staff of the  school, the sick bay, the cafeteria, and recreational grounds. Beyond this physical structure, this  school will embody our shared value of inclusivity, having elevator access to accommodate  individuals who have mobility challenges.” 

Hon. Kate Lewis, parliamentary representative for St. Andrew Northeast, is encouraged by the  developments. “A project that marks a significant milestone in the journey of educational  development and excellence in St. Andrew Northeast,” Lewis said. “It stands as a testament to  what we can achieve when we put the future of our children and our country at the forefront of  our agenda.” 

The Principal of Grenada Christian Academy, Eversley George, noted that teachers having to  share classrooms and not being able to offer subjects like physics and chemistry are issues he  looks forward to eliminating. 

George said, “As we know, a good school infrastructure is the foundation upon which a robust  and equitable education system is built, impacting not only academic achievement but also  shaping the holistic development of the next generation.” 

Reena Matthew, an English teacher who has been at the institution for fourteen years, said, “I’m  looking forward to having our own personal space, especially for the different subject areas, and  having a more comfortable staffroom because where we are right now is not very comfortable.” 

Minister for Education, Sen. the Hon. David Andrew, is thrilled to support the Grenada Christian  Academy in this new phase of school improvement and expansion. He honoured the late  missionary Charles Carpenter, who started the school and brought it to Pearls. 

He said, “We are counting on all of our partners to deliver this quality product in a timely fashion  for the residents and persons in the surrounding communities of Pearls.” 

Other schools scheduled to be constructed include St. Andrew’s Anglican Primary School in  Grenville and St. David’s Catholic Secondary School, which will be relocated from its current  location to Marlmount, St. David.