Competitive Football Returns With Women’s 11V11 Festival 

PR  – The Grenada Football Association (GFA) is returning to local  competition for the first time in weeks with a Women’s 11V11 Festival which takes place on  December 4 and 11 at the Kirani James Athletics Stadium. Five teams are participating in the  round robin competition playing 60-minute matches. 

The teams are Queen’s Park Rangers, Paradise FCI, Boca Juniors, the National U17 Women’s  team and the St. Mark’s Super Strikers. Boca Juniors, Paradise FCI and Queen’s Park Rangers  were the top three teams in the 7V7 Women’s League held earlier this year. 

The festival represents the continued investment by the GFA in women’s football following the  7V7 tournament which saw participation from 9 teams. GFA President Cheney Joseph indicated  earlier this year that the organization will create more competitive matches for women looking  forward to reaching the U13 and U10 levels. 

Looking ahead to the 11V11 Festival GFA Women’s Football Representative Renae Samuel  said, “Players have shown their keen interest in getting back to play and the tournament  represents an opportunity for them to play the full field, which was feedback the FA took on  board from the last competition.” 

Samuel also thanked the sponsors who have continued their unwavering support for women’s  football by providing individual and team prizes for the festival. Kick off time is 10:30 a.m. on  both days.