Community Nursing Division Honours Its Nurses 

PR – The invaluable contribution,  unwavering dedication to the delivery of health care and the numerous sacrifices made  by community health nurses across Grenada were recognised by the Community Nursing  Division of the Ministry of Health during an appreciation and awards ceremony at Pier-57 last Thursday. 

The event coincided with this year’s observance of International Nurses Day, which had  as its theme: Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Invest in Nursing & respect rights to secure  global health. 

Fifteen awards were presented to the winners of various categories including District  Nurse, Registered Nurse, and Nursing Assistant. The awardees were chosen from a field  of 29 nominees from the six health districts. 

Mrs. Hannah St. Paul, Permanent Secretary with responsibility for Strategic &  Operational Management, General & Subsidiary Hospitals, Mt. Gay Psychiatric Hospital  & Richmond Home, and Community Health Services, commended the nurses for their  heroic efforts and invaluable contribution to the delivery of healthcare to the country. 

St. Paul, a nurse by training, reiterated Government’s commitment to address the issues  that are affecting nurses. She spoke of educational and training opportunities and  regularisation, as well as improved working conditions as some of the important matters  being looked at. 

The nurses were also highly commended by Chief Nursing Officer, Ms. Nester Edwards  and the President of the Grenada Nursing Association, Sister Nikesha St. Bernard who  acknowledged their yeoman service over the years, particularly during the peak of the  COVID-19 pandemic and pledged their unwavering support for members of the nursing  profession.  

During her remarks, the Chief Nursing Officer, spoke of the retention plan to curb the  migration of nurses, a problem that is plaguing the entire Caribbean region and putting a  serious strain on the delivery of healthcare. The community nurses who all expressed  appreciation for the gesture, were also addressed by the Chief Community Health Nurse, 

Carol Telesford-Charles, who has been very supportive of her soldiers, not just in good  but difficult times as well. 

Hailing nurses as the unsung heroes of Grenada, Nurse Charles saluted current and  former nurses for their countless hours of service to humanity. She encouraged the junior  nursing professionals to remember their oath, and to always be professional even when  the times are tough. 

The Chief Community Health Nurse promised to stand with her colleagues to ensure that  they are treated fairly, but at the same time, encouraged them to do their best at all times,  respect themselves, their superiors and their clients in the delivery of their services. 

Awards were presented in the following categories: 

Outstanding awardees: 

  • Nursing Assistant: Tessa Smith, 
  • Registered Nurse: Delise Edwards-Joseph 
  • District Nurse: Laurel Alexander 

Community Health Nurses/Supervisors: 

  • Darnette Blair-St. Bernard – CHN Carriacou/P.M. Health District. Naomi Thomas – (CHN) St. Andrew Health District. 
  • Suzelle Nedd – (CHN) St. John Health District. 
  • Rowan Antoine – (CHN) St. George Health District 
  • Phebe Antoine – (RN) St. David Health District 
  • Nisha Noel-Alexander – (RN) St. Patrick Health District 

Special Awardees: 

  • Meryl Hutchinson McQueen – Surveillance Officer 
  • Sherrie Duncan-Rae (DN) 
  • Dennis Jules-Edwards (RN) 
  • Rhonda Thompson – (SCHN) 
  • Audrey Lyons – (SCHN) EPI Manager of Grenada 
  • Carol Telesford-Charles (CCHN) of Grenada 

Thursday’s appreciation and awards ceremony was sponsored in part by Mr. Patrick  David, Manager and Owner of Island Catering and Pier 57, who described his  sponsorship as a demonstration of his, his family and employee’s appreciation to the  nurses for their services to the people of Grenada. 

The other supporting sponsors included the Ministry of Health and Social Security and by  extension, the Government of Grenada, Mr. Wayne “Waggy T” Redhead of Waggy T  Rentals and Sound Co. and Megaforce Promotions, The Next CHAPTER – Health and  Wellness Television Show.