Commonwealth Scholarship – United Kingdom 2021 

PR – The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in  the United Kingdom, in collaboration with the Government of Grenada, is offering master’s  scholarships for suitable qualified individuals, tenable at the various universities in the United  Kingdom, commencing September/October 2022. 


Information for candidates and full candidates’ eligibility requirements are available at: 

Details of CSC’s selection criteria are available at: 

Applicants must review the following link to choose a university/course and obtain the required application form: In addition, all applicants are expected to complete the scholarship application form by copying  and pasting the link below: PLEASE NOTE: 

ALL applicants are advised to pay special attention of the following: 

You must provide: 

  • a copy of your valid passport (or national ID card) showing your photograph, date  of birth, and country of citizenship uploaded to the online application system
  • Full transcripts detailing all your higher education qualifications including up-to date transcripts for any qualifications you are currently studying (with certified  translations if not in English) – uploaded to the online application system 
  • References from at least two individuals – submitted directly by the referees to the  online application system (referees will be sent an email request to submit online) One supporting statement from a UK institution for master’s candidates Must demonstrate, in their application, the direct and applied relevance of their  study to development in Grenada and make such links explicit in your application. State, in your application, which of the six (6) development themes you are  applying under. 
  • Select up to three (3) Sustainable Development Goals relevant to your development  impact. 
  • Sign a declaration that you cannot afford to study in the UK 
  • Provide the Selection Panel with a personal statement, which will provide more  information about your background. This would be considered by the panel but  will not be graded. 

Please note that applicants must be nominated by Government of Grenada to be considered  eligible for the scholarship and being nominated does not in any way guarantee selection or  placement. 

Required supporting documents for Government of Grenada nominated candidates: Application form 

  • Two (2) reference letters for master’s 
  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Certified copy of passport bio-data page 
  • Certified copies of ALL academic certificates 
  • Certified copies of university academic transcripts 
  • Copies of acceptance letters (from at least two universities) 
  • One (1) passport sized photograph 
  • Personal statement 

The Government of Grenada Commonwealth Scholarship form MUST be completed and  submitted along with the relevant documents to the Scholarship Desk on or before Oct. 19, 2021. 

For further information and guidance, please contact the Human Resource Development Division,  (Scholarship Desk) at the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs  and Information at Email: and Tel: 440-2737/8 or 417-9762.