Citizens Of Grenada To Receive Expedited VISA Processing For Canada

PR – Grenada’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs is pleased to inform that many  Grenadians now qualify for the CANADA Plus (CAN Plus) visa programme for  expedited visa processing for citizens of Grenada who have held Canadian Visas over  the past ten years or who currently hold a valid US Visa. 

The CAN Plus visa programme should not, however, be confused with the Electronic  Travel Authorization (eTA) programme for countries that no longer require a visa to  travel to Canada.  

Under the new CAN Plus visa programme for which Grenada qualifies, Grenadian  applicants will still need to apply for a visa to Canada even if they hold a valid US visa  or held a Canadian visa in the past ten years. The CAN Plus visa programme is  designed specifically to expedite the processing of visitor visas for citizens of eligible  countries, like Grenada, who either visited Canada in the past ten years or who  currently hold a valid non-immigrant US visa. 

According to Ms. Sarah Finall, representative from Immigration, Refugees and  Citizenship Canada (IRCC) “CAN Plus presents a unique opportunity for an easy,  efficient and smooth path for Grenadian visa applications to be processed in a short  time.” As per the regulations of Canada’s Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship  Canada Department, under the CAN Plus visa application programme, the processing  of visa applications is accelerated, and a decision usually arrives within ten (10) days  from the date of application. 

No self-Identification is required, therefore, there are no special or specified application  requirements. All applicants will follow regular application procedures, as outlined in  the electronic application process, and qualified applicants will be identified and  afforded their visas accordingly. 

The Government of Grenada awaits more information on the timeline for the roll- out of  the CAN Plus visa program and will update the general public with more details as  made available.

The Government of Grenada thanks the Government of Canada for affording this  hassle-free visa application procedure to our citizens, and by so doing, helping to  advance the people to people exchanges that are a very valuable part of our  relationship with Canada. The Government of Grenada continues to work toward the  strengthening of bonds between both countries.