CHTA Education Foundation Extends Commitment To Continue Support For Spoken Hospitality English Course In Haiti

PR – CHTA Education Foundation has expressed its commitment to continue its support for the Spoken Hospitality English course at Ecole Hoteliere d’Haiti.

This support was expressed by Chairperson of the Education Foundation, Karolin Troubetzcoy at the recent ceremony to celebrate the completion of a new cohort of 22 students from the four-month-long program.

Mrs Troubetzcoy, who joined the closing ceremony remotely, said although the circumstances under which the students had to learn were very difficult at times, “we appreciate the determination to see this through. Your journey through this course underscores not just the culmination of one chapter but the commencement of another chapter. We are happy to continue the collaboration.”

The Spoken Hospitality English course, delivered by Nexus with support from Education Foundation trainers Louise John and Suzanne Shillingford-Brooks, provides industry workers who speak French and Creole, the tools to communicate and deliver service in English.

“English opens doors to the world. This program is hands on, they learn the language of hospitality management and I would love to do the same for culinary arts, housekeeping and other programs at the school,” shared Ecole Hoteliere d’Haiti Director, Karine Conde Emeran.

Minister of Tourism, Cassandra Francois, a former student in the Spoken Hospitality English course is now the #1 ambassador of the program. “Destiny led me to Minister of Tourism. I began as a personal assistant and now the minister. I benefited from this program which allowed me to improve my English. English is considered the main commercial language. It is the most used in the tourism sector. Mastering this language is essential if you want to be a professional in tourism.”

Successful participant, Francesse Jean Michale thanked the Education Foundation for its “unconditional support. Speaking English has always been my dream. Learning a foreign language is challenging. Some of us used to be scared of making mistakes but our instructors were very motivating and inspired us to be comfortable with hospitality English.”

The Education Foundation wishes to acknowledge the contributions from Chelle Hulford and the team at Curtain Bluff, Antigua, who have supported the Haiti project since its inception in 2012. Up until her passing in September 2023, Chelle championed the program. She gave her of her personal time to our 2012-14 Haitian students studying in Antigua, hosted a fundraiser for Team Haiti to attend 2012 Taste of the Caribbean, and continued to offer fabulous raffle prizes over the years that the Education Foundation dedicated to our Haiti initiatives as she desired.

The Education Foundation celebrates the students who are working in extreme and dangerous circumstances yet remained focused and flexible to complete the program. The organization also acknowledges the commitment of Ecole Hoteliere d’Haiti that has stood firm and available for hospitality students over many years, through natural disasters, political crises and the violence which sometimes surrounds them.

“It is a testament to the people of Haiti and their passionate desire to uplift themselves, skill-up and be marketable regionally,” said Trainer Louise John.

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