Christmas Holiday Occurrences

PR – The Royal Grenada Police Force profoundly thanks all officers who spent the Christmas holidays away from their families in this difficult time, to support the force’s strategic objectives. We are also grateful to the general public for their continued cooperation and support over the Christmas holidays.

Special thanks to various bus owners and operators who acceded to our request to recommence their commute on Christmas Eve to assist stranded passengers. Your contribution during this period highlights your commitment to country and your fellowmen, and it is well recognized.

Notwithstanding the efforts and assistance of all those who ensured that the period was managed effectively, there were those who violated the Covid-19 protocol and showed little regard for the Emergency Powers Act.

The RGPF is becoming increasingly concerned about the wanton disregard for law and order by some residence of Gouyave, St. John. Despite the pronouncement of a curfew, some residents decided to play by their own rules and gathered in carnival like atmosphere prompting law enforcement responses. Similarly, illegal gatherings which also violated the Emergency Powers Act, arose at Four Roads in the town St. George, resulting in police responses.

These belligerences resulted in clashes with law enforcement, whose efforts were to enforce compliance; in return some residents retaliated by throwing stones and bottles at officers in a most disgraceful way.

Further, Alyssa Lazarus of Florida, St. John, was taken into custody and charged for hosting a pool party at Florida, St. John, which violates the provisions of the Act. This, as more than fifty persons attended the event at her rented residence.

Notwithstanding the above, there were no major incidents over the Christmas Holiday weekend, however, several minor incidences were reported to the police. Several arrest were made for breaches under the Emergency Powers Act; for breach of curfew, failure to mask, hosting of social gatherings amongst others. Arrest were also made for a few chopping and wounding incidents, drunk driving, playing of amplified music without permission and other minor infractions.

The general public is reminded that the police will be enforcing all regulations in place for the Old Year/New Year period. The RGPF seeks the continued cooperation of all as we usher in the New Year.