China Scholarship Announcement 

PR – The Government of the People’s Republic of China,  in collaboration with the Government of Grenada, is offering scholarships for individuals to study in  Chinese Universities for undergraduate programmes, master’s programmes or doctoral programmes in the  academic year 2023/2024. 


All applicants MUST: 

be in good health (mentally and physically) 

be a citizen of Grenada 

be a high school graduate under 25-years-old when applying for undergraduate programmes; be bachelor’s degree holder under 35-years-old when applying for master’s programmes; be a master’s degree holder under 40-years-old when applying for doctoral programmes; be a high school graduate (at least) under 45-years-old when applying for general scholar  programmes

be a master’s degree holder or an associate professor (or above) under the age of 50 when applying  for senior scholar programmes

meet the admission requirements of the applied universities in terms of academic ability, language  proficiency and other relevant criteria 

have acquired the Chinese proficiency of HSK Level 3 when applying for Chinese-taught  undergraduate or general scholar programs (those studying Chinese language are exempt) have acquired the Chinese proficiency of HSK Level 3 when applying for Chinese-taught senior  scholar programs 

have acquired the Chinese proficiency of HSK Level 4 when applying for Chinese-taught master’s  or doctoral programmes

All applicants are required to complete and upload online to the website ( 

an application form for Chinese Government Scholarship 

the Foreigner Physical Examination Form online and upload all application documents online  through the website 

certified copy of passport biodata (front) page. Passport MUST NOT expire before March 1,  2024.  

certified copy of highest academic certificate 

certified copy of academic transcripts 

certified copy of language qualification certificates. Applicants for Chinese-taught programs must  submit valid HSK reports in accordance with the corresponding Chinese proficiency requirements.  Applicants for other language-taught programmes shall provide relevant language proficiency  certificates according to the universities’ requirements, like IELTS or TOFEL report. 

two (2) letters of recommendation from professors or associate professors. 

research proposal/study plan (minimum of 200 words for undergraduates, 500 words for non degree students, and 800 words for postgraduates.) 

submit a valid non-criminal record report no more than 6 months old prior to submission. Pre – admission letter from Chinese Government Scholarship Universities selected on the  application form. 

PLEASE NOTE: Uploaded supporting documents must be done using professional device to  scan documents and ensure they are clear, certified, and valid. 

Please carefully read ALL the instructions before applying for the scholarship. 

Step 1: Visit “CSC Study in China” website and click “Scholarship Application for Students”  at 

Register an account through [CREATE AN ACCOUNT] and login with your account. 

Step 2: Input Personal Details. Click “Edit Personal Details” and finish inputting personal details by  filling in all the information, verifying and saving the information. After the completion of this section,  return to the previous page by clicking “Finish” and start filling in your application information. 

Step 3: Select the correct “Program Category”.

Please select Program Category “Type A”. (Only for applicants of MOFCOM Scholarship-CSC  Program) 

Step 4: Input the correct Agency Number

Your Agency Number is: 3081. (Only for applicants of MOFCOM Scholarship-CSC Program) 

Program Category and Agency Number are directly matched; both are mandatory for online  application. Scholarship receiving authorities (or application processing authorities) will inform the  program category and agency number to candidates who are qualified for applying. 

After inputting agency number, the matched agency name will automatically show on the page.  As Program Category and Agency Number are directly matched, application processing authorities will  not receive your online application if the Program Category or Agency Number are not correct. 

Step 5: Input Application Information 

Next, please move on to the section of “Language Proficiency and Study Plan” and upload  “Supporting Documents” as requested, then click “Submit” to complete the application. Check each  part of your application carefully before submission. Please make sure that all the information and  uploaded documents are valid and accurate. 

When applicants of “Type A” application choose the “Preferences of Institutes”, system will  automatically match the available universities according to the selected “Student Category, Preferred  teaching language and Major Applying for”. With any inquiry concerning the available majors of  each university, please visit the following website. 

Catalog of Discipline Field, First-level Discipline, Specialty” is available from the “Help”;  applicants could download the file to identify the relation between Discipline and Major

Step 6: Once submitted, amendment cannot be made on “Personal Details” and “Application  Information”. Before the application being processed by the processing authorities, applicant can revoke  the submitted application by clicking “Withdraw” and edit the application. After revoking the application,  applicant must submit a second time after re-editing, or the application will not be processed. Once the  application is processed, application cannot be revoked. 

Step 7: Click “Print the Application Form” and download the form.

Notes: Application with incorrect Agency Number will not be processed. 

Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer (11.0). 

For applicants using Internet Explorer, please close the “compatible view mode” function ahead of  editing. 

Please fill in all application information in Chinese or English. 

Applicants MUST Print ALL application documents and submit THREE (3) copies of each to the  Scholarship Desk, at the Ministry of Education. 

DEADLINE: on or before November 30, 2022. 

For further information, please contact Scholarship Desk, Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and  Culture at telephone number 473-440-2737/417-9762 or via email