Child Safety And Security Encouraged For The School Vacation Period 

PR – The July-August School Vacation period is here,  and as such the Child Protection Authority takes this opportunity to remind parents and  guardians of the awesome responsibility that is theirs to ensure the care and protection  of their children, particularly during this time. 

We present some tips that can help in achieving this: 

Ensure children are properly supervised by trusted and responsible adults at all  times. 

Know the whereabouts of your children and whom they are with.  Teach children emergency contact numbers. 

Make emergency numbers visible around the home. 

Encourage children to get involved in safe, productive activities. Make home as hazard-free as possible. 

Be available to spend time and communicate with your children. Follow the necessary COVID-19 health protocols (handwashing, sanitizing,  mask-wearing, etc.)  

Have a safety plan in place for the Hurricane Season. 

Parents, guardians, and caregivers are also advised to familiarize themselves with the  physical and behavioural warning signs of abuse. Believe, and take the necessary steps,  when children disclose abuse or express discomfort about situations that can lead to  abuse. 

At the Child Protection Authority, we cannot over emphasize the fact that child  protection is everybody’s business and that we all have a role to play. Therefore, we  invite all members of society to commit to making our public and private spaces as safe  as possible for ALL our children.  

If you have reason to believe that a child’s safety and well-being is endangered, or wish  to learn more about child protection, please feel free to contact the Child Protection  Authority on 435-0293. For Emergencies, call 533-6990 or 911.