Child Month 2021 To Be Observed in November

PR –  The Ministry of Education, Human Resource  Development, Religious Affairs and Information informs the public that due to extenuating  circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 situation in Grenada, Child Month celebrations,  traditionally held during the month of October, will now be observed from November 1 to 30,  2021. 

This is a joint decision of the Ministry and the Child Month Committee. 

The broader theme for Child Month is “Love the Child,” while the sub-theme is: “Children’s  Care and Education Matter: Let Children Grow, Glow and Flourish.” The focus will be on  quality education and care for all children while promoting health and safety.  

In addition to the change of date, the Ministry is scaling down activities to ensure the safety of all  and ensuring that all activities conform to COVID-19 guidelines. Masks and t-shirts will be  available by order. Child Sabbath/Child Sunday is confirmed for November 13 and 14.  

This Ministry thanks the public for its understanding as it continues to make the necessary  adjustments to keep students safe, while allowing them to maintain a semblance of normalcy, amid  current restrictions.