Chicago Woman Charged With Killing, Dismembering Landlord

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – A Chicago woman has been charged in the brutal killing of her landlord who was found dismembered in a freezer.

Sandra Kolalou, 36, is charged with first-degree murder and concealment of a homicide in the death of 69-year-old Frances Walker.

Initial investigations suggest that Kolalou committed the heinous act after she was served with an eviction notice, authorities said.

Reports are that tenants inside the home where Walker rented rooms heard screams around 2:30 pm on Monday. They reportedly texted Walker and got a reply but authorities said the messages were sent by Kolalou.

“The residents were very cooperative. When they heard the scream, when they woke up in the morning, they immediately started texting the victim… started calling the victim,” Chicago Police Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan said Wednesday.

“The victim didn’t answer. There were some texts that were sent back from the victim’s phone. It appears from what we know now that the defendant was sending texts from the victim’s phone and not answering it,” Deenihan continued.

Police said that when they arrived at the home, they saw Kolalou walking toward a tow truck which further investigation revealed was paid for by Walker’s credit card.

She allegedly asked the tow truck driver to take her to Foster Beach, Chicago where her car was so it could be towed, police said. The tenants, who said they were afraid of Kolalou, said they were concerned about the driver’s safety, so they exchanged numbers.

When officers went to the beach, they found bloody rags inside a garbage can, authorities said. Officers initially searched Walker’s home but did not find evidence of foul play.

After finding the bloodied rags, the police searched the home again and found Walker’s remains inside a freezer. At the time, Kolalou was with the tow truck driver, who police say she threatened with a knife. She was arrested soon after.

Investigators then searched the whole house and found more blood in Walker’s room and blood on some knives.

Investigators believe she dismembered Walker on the first floor of the residence with “large butcher knives”. Authorities have not disclosed a motive for the killing but said Kolalou had recently been served with an eviction notice.