Changes In Government Charges On Electricity Effective 1 February 2023 

PR – Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. advises customers about changes in  Government charges on electricity. These changes in the Environmental Levy and VAT were announced  in the 2023 Budget Statement and gazetted 27 January 2023. A new relief measure, a $10 Government  subsidy for eligible electricity customers has also been implemented. 

Environmental Levy  

Effective 1 February, the environmental levy reverted to what existed prior to Government’s  implementation of relief measures on 24 December 2021. 

This means domestic customers with usage lower than 100 units will pay no environmental levy. A flat  EC$5 charge will be applied to the bills of domestic customers with usage between 100 -150 units, while  usage above 150 units will be charged a flat $10.  

This environmental levy is collected by Grenlec and remitted to the Solid Waste Management Authority. 

Valued Added Tax on the Non-Fuel Portion of the Electricity Bill 

Also note a reduction in the VAT rate from 15% to 7.5%, effective 1 February 2023. The VAT continues to apply to the non-fuel portion of all customers’ electricity bills with an exemption  for domestic customers only on the first 99 units of electricity consumed.  

New $10 Government Subsidy for Eligible Customers with Electricity Usage below 100 Units  A new Government relief measure of a $10 electricity credit will be applied to domestic accounts with  usage lower than 100 units in a billing period. The effect of this subsidy is a $10 reduction in the  electricity bill. 

This subsidy, which is not applicable to renewable energy customers, is effective 1 February to 31  December 2023. 

Please be guided by these changes to the Government charges on electricity.

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Summary of Changes in Government Charges on Electricity Charges  Effective 1 February 2023


Changes  Notes

Applicable only to  the non-fuel portion  of the bill for all  


Reduction of VAT from 15% to 7.5%  for all customer categories – 

domestic, commercial, industrial.

Domestic customers  

continue to be exempted  from VAT on the first 99 kWh  (units) consumed.

Environmental  Levy 

Applicable to  

domestic accounts  only. 

99 kWh (units) or less: no levy 100 kWh – 150 kWh: flat $5.00 Over 150 kWh: flat $10.00 This is a reinstatement of the  levy as existed prior to  

Government’s relief  

measures implemented 24  December 2021.



Subsidy (New  


Applicable to  

eligible domestic  accounts only.  

Effective 1 Feb – 31  Dec. 2023.

$10.00 credit to be applied to these  domestic electricity accounts only: 

Usage of 99 kWh or less in the  billing period. 

Not applicable to renewable  energy customers.

This $10 subsidy will be  

itemised as “Gov’t subsidy”  in the billing details table on  the right side of the bill.