Census Enumeration To Begin In Carriacou And Petitie Martinique On Friday

PR – The Central Statistical Office (CSO), Ministry of Finance, will send a 15-member delegation to Carriacou and Petite Martinique on Friday, to conduct enumeration for the National Population and Housing Census. 

The delegation will comprise of IT personnel, coordinators and enumerators who will complement the team of census workers on the sister islands. 

The mission will run from April 1 – 26. 

The Central Statistical Office appeals for the public’s cooperation with enumerators and reminds citizens that their interview can be done via telephone or face-to-face. Interviews are approximately one hour long. 

The national census is usually conducted every ten years to capture information that will allow the CSO to have a greater appreciation of the overall living conditions of citizens, while also providing an accurate count of the population and households.