CariSECURE 2.0 Equipping Youth To Take Charge Against Crime

PR – Amidst rising concerns over citizen security in the Caribbean, a  deliberate effort is being made to empower the region’s youth to step into leadership roles and  drive change from within. Through a free, online course by the United Nations Development  Programme (UNDP) in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development  (USAID), youth will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle pressing security  challenges head-on. 

The “Youth on the way to Peace and Security” course is being launched regionally as part of  CariSECURE 2.0 (CS2.0), which works to reduce youth involvement in crime and trafficking in  persons (TIP) in the region. It will run from 16 April – 3 May, with support from InfoSegura

This course comes at a crucial time when security issues like crime and violence are on the rise in  the Caribbean. By the end of the course, participants will have improved understanding of regional  security challenges, enhanced leadership skills, and greater opportunity to network with peers and  

experts around the region, empowering them to take leadership roles in regional conversations and citizen security activities. 

Maia Hibben, Project Manager for CariSECURE 2.0, underscored the significance of engaging  young people in matters of citizen security. ” Throughout the life of our project, input from young  people has been invaluable,” she said. “Whether it be helping to craft national workplans to reduce  crime, developing a roadmap for youth empowerment in the Caribbean, or creating digital  solutions to improve crime reporting as planned for this year, youth have proven that their  perspectives are indispensable. This course is just another way for youth to strengthen their skills  to address regional security challenges.” 

By building capacity of young leaders to address security challenges and promote social cohesion,  the course contributes directly to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 16, towards Peace,  Justice, and Strong Institutions. 

The course will offer lessons in the current mechanisms that impact youth decision making, insight  into youth citizen security challenges in the Caribbean, and give practical guidance on the positive  roles participants can play in conflict resolution, with complementary webinars, podcasts and  practical resources tailored to the English-speaking Caribbean. It is free of charge and open to 

United Nations Development Programme | UN House, Marine Gardens, Christ Church, Barbados | Tel: 467-6000 Fax: 429-2448 | E-mail: | Website: 

participants from all backgrounds, regardless of age, nationality, or level of experience. A certificate will be awarded upon completion. 

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