CARIBWAVE 2022 To Be Staged On Thursday March 10th

PR – The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) will be participating in the annual CARIBEWAVE Tsunami exercise on Thursday 10th March 2022.

The Scenario this year will be a tsunami generated by a magnitude 8.0 earthquake located on the Western Muertos Trough.

In an effort to ensuring continued high participation in the annual awareness preparedness exercise, the Agency engaged a number of both governmental and non-governmental agencies giving them an opportunity to test their internal plans in response to the hazard.

Though we continue to live in a multi-hazardous environment with the Covid-19 Pandemic still a relevant threat, the Agency understanding the importance of preparedness especially for these early onset hazards. We continue to do our part in testing our emergency response system.

The physical evacuation area will be Gouyave, St. John’s with other areas of the Island testing communication..

CARIBEWAVE (Caribbean Tsunami Warning Exercise) is a tsunami exercise held annually in the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, under the direction of UNESCO and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

The purpose of the CARIBEWAVE exercise is to improve the effectiveness of the Tsunami Warning System along the Caribbean coast. The exercise provides an opportunity for emergency management organizations throughout the region to test their operational lines of communications, review their tsunami response procedures, and to promote tsunami preparedness.

The objectives of the CARIBEWAVE Exercise are to test and evaluate the operations of the Caribbean Tsunami Warning System (Caribe EWS), to validate preparedness response to a tsunamis (which are test protocols and communications systems between tsunami warning centers and the tsunami warning focal points), and the use of the PTWC (Pacific Tsunami Warning Center) enhanced tsunami products for the Caribbean, as well as assist in tsunami preparedness efforts of the emergency management agencies in those areas.

For additional information, please contact Ms. Oslyn Crosby, Public Relations Officer, NaDMA on 440-8390 /449-4024 email: / .

NaDMA, the official source for all disaster related information in Grenada.