CARIBEWAVE 2021 To Be Staged On March 11th

PR – The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) announces CARIBEWAVE 21 to be held on Thursday March 11th, 2021.

This year’s Scenario will involve a tsunami generated by a magnitude 8.5 earthquake located off the northern Lesser Antilles.

Everyone are encouraged to register to participate in the exercise but a drill will be held with students attending schools in Victoria and Gouyave and the workers at oil farm/s in Grand Mall.

The 2021 exercise gives Grenada a unique opportunity to test not just the country’s response to TSUNAMIS but also test our level of preparedness operating now in this multi- hazardous environment.

All COVID 19 Protocols, as outlined by the Ministry of Health, will be enforced.

We therefore encourage the general public to go onto the website to register for the exercise.

The NaDMA Secretariat is now in the process of re-engaging stakeholders in the Gouyave and Victoria communities, confirming their participation and conducting the Awareness aspect of the drill.

According to statistics, over the past 500 years more than 75 tsunamis have been observed in the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions. Though the risk of occurrence may seem low in comparison to other hazards the impacts from a Tsunami is very severe.

Therefore, the Tsunami risk in the region is real and should be taken seriously. For this reason, along with the development of the observational and warning capabilities, it is critical to also strengthen tsunami preparedness, adapt, and adopt the best practices to minimize loss of life and economic prosperity.