Caribbean Women In Leadership (CIWiL) National Chapter Launches In Grenada

PR  – The Caribbean Women in Leadership (CIWiL) established a National Chapter in Grenada on November 5th, 2022. This chapter is the eighth member of the CIWiL country-level network of women committed to advancing women’s transformational leadership and gender equality throughout the region. 

The elected Executive Committee members encompass:

  • Chairperson – Krystal Clyne
  • Vice Chairperson – Jeanette James
  • Secretary/Coordinator – Hadasha Buckmire
  • Treasurer – Kasha Vincent
  • Public Relations (PR) Officer – Courtney Bailey

In 2018, 7 out of 15 seats in the House of Representatives were won by women, reflecting 46 percent of women representation in Parliament – a record high for the caribbean. However, following the July 2022 General Elections, women’s representation declined to 5 out of 15 women being elected for Parliament. At 31.25 percent, this is in keeping with the minimum 30 percent represented by the 1996 UN Beijing Platform for Action

We however call for gender parity which allows for equality of representation aligned to numbers and proportions of women and men, girls and boys in our country.  The CIWiL Grenada National Chapter looks forward to working closely with national stakeholders to achieve gender parity in women’s leadership. 

Following the election, Krystal Clyne, Chairperson commented “Our ideas and network will take us far to not only help us to become better leaders, but to help our communities’ growth and development. The CIWiL Grenada National Chapter aims to actively partner with women and young women, activists, development organizations, female parliamentarians and national gender machineries to support women in Grenada as they assume positions of leadership in various spheres. We plan to engage in a series of initiatives geared towards strengthening the capacity of women.”  

To learn more about the CIWiL Grenada National Chapter, or to become a member, persons can email or follow CIWiLGRD on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

CIWiL is a non-partisan and independent, flagship networking organization committed to advancing women’s  transformational leadership, and to increase the numbers of women in leadership and decision making in political and civic life.