Candidates’ Qualification For Election Day

PR – The Supervisor of Elections takes the opportunity to remind all potential  candidates for the upcoming general election of the qualifying criteria that they  MUST meet in order to be on the ballot come Election Day. 

The criteria is highlighted below 

All nomination documents to be delivered on Nomination Day between the  hours of 9 am and 12 noon. (1st, June from 9 am to 12 noon) CAP 286 A. Sec 39 (1) 

Candidates must be nominated in writing by no less than six registered  electors of the constituency for which he/she seeks election. CAP 286 A. Sec.  39 (2) (a) {Form # 3} 

Candidates must consent in writing to such nomination. Sec.39 (2) (b) {Form#3} 

Candidates or someone acting on their behalf shall at the time of nomination deliver to the Returning Officer a statutory declaration of their qualification.  CAP 286 A Sec. 39 (3) {Form # 4 or 5 respectively} 

Every candidate or someone on his or her behalf shall at the time of his or her  nomination provide, or cause to be provided to the Returning Officer an  ORIGINAL receipt from the treasury or revenue office as the case may be, evidencing payment by the candidate of the nomination deposit of five  hundred dollars {$500.00} in cash, failing which the nomination of such  candidate shall be deemed void. Act #13 of 2018 Sec (5) 

  1. All relevant nomination materials can be obtained at the respective  constituency offices. 

The Supervisor of Election wishes to extend his appreciation to the general  public for their cooperation as we all seek to enhance the democratic process.