Call For Applications For Census Enumerators And Supervisors 

PR –  The Central Statistical Office is calling on qualified  people to apply for the positions of Enumerator and Supervisor for the 2021 National Population and  Housing Census. 

An Enumerator will be expected to: 

  1. Be self-motivated and able to work with little supervision 
  2. Be pleasant and respectful 
  3. Be able to visit all assigned households within his/her respective enumeration district 4. Adhere to all statistical standard operating procedures and processes, including willingness to sign  a confidentiality agreement 
  4. Ensure safe keeping of all assigned census gadgets and accessories 
  5. Administer all questions in the census questionnaire and record the answers as received 7. Have good communication skills and persuasiveness 

Qualifications for an Enumerator: 

  • Must have a minimum of 4 CXC/GCE subjects, including English, which is an asset  

A Supervisor is expected to possess all the characteristics of an Enumerator, as well as:

1. possess good interpersonal and communication skills; 

  1. be organized; 
  2. be goal oriented; 
  3. have good leadership, managerial and teamwork skills; 
  4. Ensure that all Enumerators keep to schedule and are performing well; 
  5. receive any complaints/issues from Enumerators and relay them to the relevant officers at the  Central Statistical Office; and 
  6. ensure safe keeping of all census equipment, gadgets and accessories. 

Possession of a driver’s license and having access to a vehicle will be an asset. 

All applicants must be fully vaccinated or at least have had their first dose before the start of  employment. 

To complete your application for any of the above listed positions, please visit our website:  For more information please call the Central Statistical Office on telephone number (473) 440-1369. Deadline for Applying is November 12, 2021