Brazilian Man Arrested For Dressing Up As Mom To Take Driving Test For Her

    NEW YORK POST- He’s a real momma’s boy.

    A man was arrested in Brazil for dressing up as his 60-year-old mother in order to take her driving test for her, reports said.

    The driving instructor realized the person in front of her was Heitor Schiave, 43, in a floral blouse, painted nails, make-up and a wig — and not his mom, Maria.

    “He tried to be as natural as possible. He wore lots of make-up with his nails nicely done and wore women’s jewelry,” instructor Aline Mendonca told Brazilian outlet G1, according to the BBC.

    Schiave apparently decided to step into his mom’s shoes after she repeatedly failed the driving exam. He said his mom didn’t know about the plan.

    “He confessed that he wasn’t the woman in question but the son, her son who was trying to pass as his mum so that she would be able to pass this practical driving test,” Mendonca said.

    He was charged with fraud and misuse of someone’s identity.