Body Of One-Year-Old Found In Guyanese River

(CMC) – A one-year-old child who reportedly went missing on Wednesday afternoon during a family trip was found dead in the Kamarang River in Guyana.

The toddler’s mother told investigators that she took the child, Romeil Delgado, along with other relatives to the Top Side Pauima Falls River on Wednesday afternoon in the company of her boyfriend.

She explained that she left her son in her brother’s care at the river’s edge as she checked on her daughter who was asleep. However, on her return, it was then that it was discovered that the toddler had gone missing.

An alarm was raised and neighbours joined family members in searching for the child. Just before midnight, the child’s lifeless body was found in the river.

The police said there were no marks of violence on the child’s body and it is suspected that the child wandered off into the river and drowned.