Boat Operators Advised To Seek Permission From Fisheries Division To Install Mooring Systems 

PR –  Boat operators are being encouraged to follow procedures outlined by the Fisheries Division by seeking permission to install mooring systems. 

The Fisheries Regulation stipulates that in order for anyone to install a mooring system for personal, recreational, or commercial use in Grenada’s marine environment, he/she must first receive permission from the Fisheries Division to install moorings in Marine Protected Areas and from the Grenada Ports Authority when seeking to install moorings in a harbour managed by the Authority. 

Moreover, affixing unregistered moorings in marine protected areas and harbours can cause accidents and result in serious injury to others. 

Failure to comply with the Fisheries Regulations may result in a summary conviction of a maximum fine of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) or a maximum of six months in prison and the removal of the mooring system. 

Mooring systems are used to secure boats and other sea vessels to ensure they are not displaced by waves, tides, winds, or storms. 

“The Fisheries Division promotes the use of moorings because they are much less intrusive on the marine environment with regard to the potential damage to the substrates in the marine environment,” said Olando Harvey, Coordinator of Marine Protected Areas at the Fisheries Division. “Instead of dropping anchors over and over, you have one fixed mooring; so the footprint of that mooring does not change and the seabed is not damaged.” 

The Fisheries Division has observed that some boat operators are not following the proper protocols. Harvey said “In Grenada, [some] people are installing a number of moorings without permission in different bays. So [the Fisheries Division] is seeking to bring to the attention of the general public that there is an established procedure for installing fixed moorings anywhere in Grenada.” 

Additionally, there are factors that must be considered prior to installing moorings, such as the type of mooring system, the size of the block to be installed, and the location buoys are allowed to be deployed, among others. 

The Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts, Fisheries and Co-operatives encourages fishers, seafarers, and the general public to report any illegal or unregistered moorings to the Fisheries Division at 440-3814.