Barbados Ministry Of Health Reverses Decision, Renames Sandals Resort As Approved Accomadation

PR – This week, Sandals Resorts International has once again been named as an officially  approved accommodation in the island of Barbados by the Ministry of Health. 

This news comes on the heels of reports which also included information regarding protocol  breaches by visitors implied to be associated with Sandals. Sandals Resorts wishes to go on  record to extend thanks to the Ministry of Health and the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for  dispelling the latter reports and for quickly convening with Sandals representatives for  ongoing discussions. On the immediate invitation from the resort, a detailed inspection was  carried out, led by Ronald Chapman, Head of the Barbados COVID Monitoring Unit, and  afforded a first-hand, closer observation of the resorts’ protocols in action. This included the  unprecedented steps already implemented since mid-December to separate the two resorts,  allowing for adherence to quarantine requirements. 

“With only five days having passed since the initial decision, this reversal speaks to the  commitment and robust nature of our procedures, which have always closely aligned with the  national requirements of the Barbadian government and serve as a testament to the hard  work and dedication of the resort team members charged with its implementation,” stated  General Manager Ramel Sobrino. “We are more than pleased with these findings which show  our Platinum Protocols of Cleanliness working as they should. We are delighted our protocols  have been endorsed by Mr. Chapman, the CMO and Ministry of Health which has led to the  reinstating of the resorts. As partners in this together, we are heartened at the timely  reversal.” 

Since the onset of this pandemic, Sandals Resorts has taken industry-leading steps to ensure  the health and safety of its guests and team members, including the creation and  implementation of our Sandals Platinum Protocols of Cleanliness. These protocols have  helped to ensure all proven measures recommended by leading international public health  authorities are taken in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and minimize risks to the  maximum extent possible, including cleaning procedures, practicing smart public health  behaviours, among others. 

Sandals wishes to reaffirm its commitment to working closely with the Ministry of Health and  the CMO in these very challenging times, to ensure that all the national protocols are adhered  to and aligned with our own protocols, and we look forward to closer and more proactive  two-way communication with officials to keep the channels of communication open,  transparent and avoid any undue complications in the future.