Balenciaga’s Lay’s Potato Chips Handbag Will Reportedly Sell For US$1,800

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – High-fashion French outlet Balenciaga has reportedly collaborated with American chip producer Lay’s to launch the Balenciaga x Lay’s handbag for a whopping US$1,800 (J$257,400).

A regular Lay’s chips can be bought for just US$4, but the Balenciaga x Lay’s bag amounts to 450 times the cost of a regular Lay’s chips.

Reports are that the Balenciaga x Lay’s bag was first revealed during the Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023, which ended on Tuesday, October 4.

The product, which appears like a Lay’s chips packet, has a leather printed design with Lay’s chip in the original flavor as well as a spicy “Balenciaga” flavoured version.

Both packets feature Balenciaga text at the front, while the interior of the accessory features metallic silver lining, with the aim of replicating an actual potato chip bag. The design is complete with a simple zipper closure at the top.

The Lay’s bags will be sold in the colours red, green, blue and yellow.

These are the actual colours of Lay’s potato chips packets for different flavours.

In August, this year, Balenciaga revealed a pair of earrings made from shoelaces for US$250 (J35,750).