Applications For Work Permits

PR – The Ministry of Legal Affairs, Labour and  Consumer Affairs wishes to remind the general public of the requirements to  successfully process applications for work permits.  

Pursuant to the Foreign Nationals and Commonwealth Citizens (Employment) Act,  Chapter 115 of the 2010 Revised Laws of Grenada and SR&O No. 24 of 2017,  documents to be submitted by New Applicants are as follows:

Completed application forms, in  duplicate, with company stamp affixed.  Two (2) letters of professional references  from previous employer or reputable citizen  (if no previous employer).
Copy of Passport, which includes the  Bio-data page and details of the last date  of arrival/extension. Copy of Proof of Finance/Bank Statement  from reputable bank.
Two (2) passport sized photos, with  applicant’s name written in block letters  at the back. Copy of Business Registration or Company  Incorporation.
Letter from employer addressed to the  Permanent Secretary. Tax obligation status from the Inland  Revenue Division.
Police Record/Clearance must be  ORIGINAL, from the country of  residence for the preceding six (6)  months. Certificate of Compliance/Registration  from the NIS.
Notarized copies of certificates of  qualification.

Additional Notes of Importance: 

Registration/Certificate for medical practitioners and allied health workers  MUST be attached on submission of application.  

Applications will NOT be processed for the following: Persons who are illegally  in the country unless status is regularized; and holders of a Visitor Visa.  

All employment positions for which an application for a work permit is being  made MUST be advertised for three (3) consecutive weeks before making  applications. Proof of advertisement must be attached to the application. 

NOTICE is hereby given that, to ensure legal compliance and to uphold the  integrity of the work permit regime, applications submitted that do not meet  these requirements will not be approved.