Antigua: LIAT 2020 Receives Air Operator’s Certificate, PM Browne Says

(ANTIGUA OBSERVER) – Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced over the weekend that LIAT 2020, based in Antigua and Barbuda, has been granted the Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC), a crucial approval for the carrier to commence scheduled passenger flights.

The government has been eagerly awaiting this certification for months, but the process has been delayed due to ongoing vetting of the sales agreement by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

The Prime Minister expressed his pleasure at the granting of the AOC and revealed that US $12.1 million have been placed in escrow for the three aircraft.

However, he voiced his frustration with the CDB’s delay in approving the sales agreement, which has been under review for over two weeks.

Emphasising his concerns, Prime Minister Browne stated: “I’ve been messaging the acting president and up to this day, I don’t understand why a sales agreement has to take so long.”

The government has entered into an agreement with Air Peace, a Nigerian-owned airline, to launch LIAT 2020.

Under this arrangement, Air Peace will hold the majority of shares in the new entity, marking a significant partnership between Antigua and the Nigerian aviation industry.

The granting of the AOC is a major milestone for LIAT 2020, as it brings the airline one step closer to resuming operations and serving the Caribbean region.

However, the delay in the CDB’s approval of the sales agreement has become a source of frustration for the government, which is eager to see LIAT 2020 take to the skies.

As the government awaits the CDB’s decision, preparations for LIAT 2020’s launch continue.

The airline is expected to play a vital role in connecting the islands of the Caribbean, promoting tourism, and facilitating economic growth in the region.