Anthony Boatswain To Chair Advisory Committee As Government Enters New Phase Of COVID-19 Strategy

PR – The Government of Grenada is entering a new phase with its COVID 19 strategy. 

Now that the country has experienced its first wave of COVID-19, greater attention is  being placed on how to co-exist with the deadly virus and striking a critical balance between full resumption of all economic and other activities and carefully managing the  spread of the disease.  

As such, Government is reconstituting the COVID-19 Sub-Committee which serves as an  advisory body to the Cabinet. Parliamentary Representative for St. Patrick’s West,  Anthony Boatswain, is the new committee chairman. 

Mr. Boatswain, an economist by profession, has served the Government in several  related capacities including Minister for Economic Development, Planning, Trade and  Industry, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and General Manager of the  then Grenada Industrial Development Corporation. 

He has also served on several boards including the Grenada Development Bank,  Grenada Ports Authority, Grenada Board of Tourism, the Marketing and National  Importing Board, Grenada Bureau of Standards and the Grenada Banana Cooperative  Society. 

Other additions to the reconstituted COVID-19 Sub-Committee are Medical Director of  Hospitals, Dr. Tyhiesia Donald, Senior Medical Officer, Dr. Myanna Charles and Mrs.  Adele Garbutt-De Caul, representative of the hospitality sector. 

Several committee members were retained including President of the Senate, Chester  Humphrey, Commissioner of Police, Edvin Martin, Attorney General, Dia Forrester,  Minister of Legal Affairs and Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs, Honourable Kindra  Maturine Stewart, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shawn Charles and former Chief Medical  Officer, Dr. George Mitchell. 

Explaining the new focus, Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell said,  “To date, Government’s efforts have been focused on preventing the introduction of the  virus through stringent entry protocols and in light of the recent outbreak, to curbing the  spread and flattening the curve. We now have to transition to the next phase as the reality  is that the virus will be in our midst for a long time. Given that its impact goes beyond the  health sector and has affected the livelihood of thousands of people, we must therefore  work diligently to create a better balance between protecting lives and safeguarding  livelihoods. I am confident that the composition of the COVID-19 committee will better  enable us to achieve this objective as we go forward.”