Announcement Of 4% Salary And Wage Increases – 2021

PR – Grenada Public Workers’ Union (GPWU) extends warm wishes to all members,  Public Officers, and workers for a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous 2021. As  we embrace 2021, we do so with great hope and anticipation for improvement in respecting and honouring the rights of workers. We reflect on the many  challenges faced in 2020, some, we will not easily overcome because we know  that COVID-19 will not simply vanish tomorrow but there is hope. As we start our 2021 journey we shall be very vigilant, shall not let our guards down. GPWU  will continue to seek your best interest and will do so with vigour, transparency  and integrity. We recognise that our employer does not appear to be always  truthful to us, and recent actions suggest that they are not as cash strapped as  they want us to believe. 

Members and workers please note that on Thursday, December 31st, 2020 GPWU  along with Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union (GTAWU) met with  officials of the Government Negotiating Team (GNT) who informed GPWU and GTAWU that Government had reconsidered their proposal that requested unions  to FOREGO 4% salary increases for 2021 and was now asking the unions to DEFER salary increase of 4% for 2021.  

In the interest of safeguarding and securing the lawful salary increases and  employment rights of members and workers, the GPWU and GTAWU informed  the GNT that: – 

GPWU and GTAWU will only defer wage increases of 4% for 2021 up to June 31, 2021 and it must be with 0.5% interest for each month  deferred. This sum of money must be paid retroactively on July, 2021 pay day

Docked Salaries of workers due to strike action during September to  December 2017 must be repaid in full on or before January 31, 2021 to all  workers so affected. 

All workers who fit the definition of Section 29.5 of the Employment Act 14 of  1999 must be REGULARISED AND MADE PERMANENT (through the Public  Service Commission (PSC)) by April 1, 2021. 

If this agreement is not signed before January 15, 2021 workers must receive  their 2021 4% salary increases with January 2021 wages and salaries. There  shall be NO DEFERRAL of 2021, 4% increases

Further, if workers are not made permanent on or before April 1, 2021, deferral  of 2021 increases becomes null and void and increases and retroactive pay due  from January 1, 2021 becomes payable with April 2021 wages and salaries. 

Members, the GPWU believes that we must protect your interest and this is  especially critical as our health care members are putting their lives at risk in the  heart of the COVID-19 battle. We pray that there will be provided with the  necessary PPE to keep them safe. We hope no other member will fall victim to  this deadly virus. GPWU will continue to work diligently to obtain agreement on  our proposal put forward to Government to safeguard all our health care  members and their families in this critical time.  

We continue to ask all members and workers wherever they may be to please  stay safe and follow all the relevant protocols. We implore our frontline members  at our ports of entry, revenue offices, those directly serving the public in  Ministries, Departments and Statutory Bodies to please be vigilant. We continue  to call on our employer to please secure the working environment to keep our  members, workers and the general public safe. 

We wish everyone a successful 2021 as we continue to put God first because  through him all things become possible. 

Solidarity Forever, In Unity Success is Assured. 

All Public Officers must be treated with respect and dignity. All Public Officers  Matter. We are all VIP’s. 

Sis. Rachel Roberts