Angostura Sells New Rum For US $3,000 A Bottle

(TT GUARDIAN) – Angostura has launched a brand new, limited edition rum that will set you back $3000USD, if you happen to get your hands on it.

In a release on Tuesday, the House of Angostura has unveiled the ultra-premium rum – Angostura® Zenith.

Only 195 bottles of Zenith, the newest member of Angostura’s Private Cask Collection, have been produced globally.

Chairman of Angostura Holdings Limited, Terrence Bharath said: “In keeping with our ongoing corporate social responsibility initiatives, we are pleased to announce that part proceeds from the sale of the 195 bottles of Zenith will go towards providing a scholarship for a deserving young person to be given the opportunity to pursue studies in music or art.

“We feel that it is our social duty to help those underprivileged communities where there are persons who possess the inherent creative gifts to rise above their circumstances and soar in reaching their goals.”

Zenith’s flavour, Angostura explained, is derived from two of Trinidad and Tobago’s most iconic distilleries—Caroni 1975 Limited and Angostura Limited.

The company said the rum was aged in charred American oak casks that were once used for bourbon, allowing for the combined flavours of sweet and smoky depths, delivering a fine character with a unique blend of Angostura and Caroni aged rums ranging from 20 to 23 years old.

Zenith is an especially unique addition to the House of Angostura Private Cask Collection as it featured the last of the best of the legendary House of Caroni.

Angostura noted, “Established in 1923 on the site of the old Caroni sugar factory, the now defunct Caroni Distillery produced highly sought-after rums notable for a distinctive heavy profile, rich, earthy, and smoky.

The premium rum is produced with the last of Caroni’s treasured molasses, and features rich aromas of cocoa, oaky notes with hints of raisins on the palate and subtle apple notes, complete with warm aged notes of sherry with a lasting dry, crisp finish—the perfect proportions to achieve absolute depth and balance.”

Bharath said: “After three years in development, we’re delighted to extend our Private Cask Collection with the launch of Angostura Zenith, making our rum offering one of the most unique in the world.

The Angostura Zenith is available at a cost of TT$20,400 or US$3,000 at select retailers.