Anglican Church Submits Declaration Report

PR – In an historic gesture, Anglican Archdeacon Michael Marshall  presented the church’s parish booklet which contains a declaration of the community’s assets and  liabilities to Chairperson of the Integrity Commission A. Anande Trotman (Lady) Joseph at the  Church Service on Sunday 4th December, 2022, to mark the beginning of the observance of  International Anti-Corruption Day celebrations. 

“I want to present [to] you this morning, a copy of our general parish booklet which will have  within it a declaration of assets and liabilities of the parish. There will be a report from every group  [and] organization that function within this church and parish,” Archdeacon Marshall said. 

At the service, which was attended by over 12 Commission members and stakeholders,  Archdeacon Marshall, commended the Office of the Integrity Commission for its work which he  likened to that of a priest, “in the confessional with parishioners and people; with the many  stories…related to me as priest, that I’ll take to the grave.” 

Lady Joseph, thanked Archdeacon Marshall and the church, though not a public sector entity, for  their example in choosing to publicly and transparently share their report with the Commission.