American Airlines Is Raising Bag Fees And Changing How Customers Earn Frequent-Flyer Points

(AP) — American Airlines is pushing customers to buy tickets directly from the airline if they want to earn frequent-flyer points, and it is raising the cost of checking bags.

American announced Tuesday that most customers will have to buy tickets directly from the airline or its partner carriers if they want to earn points in its AAdvantage loyalty program.

Corporate travellers won’t be affected by the change.

The airline said checking a bag will rise from $30 now to $35 online and $40 if purchased at the airport.

The fee for a second checked bag will rise from $40 to $45 both online and at the airport.

American says it last raised bag fees in 2018.

The changes affect flights booked on or after Tuesday for travel within the United States and to nearby international destinations including Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The airline will generally allow customers to check at least one bag free if they hold status in American’s loyalty programme, buy a premium-class ticket or use an American-branded credit card.