Amber Guyger’s Lawyers File Intent To Appeal Murder Conviction Lawyers representing convicted murderer and former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger have filed an intent to appeal.

    According to Robert Rodgers, one of Guyger’s attorneys, the team plans to appeal both her murder conviction and her 10-year sentence.

    Guyger was convicted last month of murder and sentenced to 10 years behind bars for fatally shooting her downstairs neighbor, Botham Jean, when she entered his apartment by mistake and thought he was a burglar.

    NBC 5’s media partner KRLD said Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot’s contempt hearing is still pending and that Creuzot’s office has filed a petition to have called by Judge Tammy Kemp replaced from the hearing. Kemp charged the DA with contempt after learning of a TV interview he gave about the case while under a gag order, just days before the trial began.

    The hearing to recuse Kemp will have to be settled before Creuzot’s contempt hearing.

    Legal analyst Ed Klein told KRLD the filing is a procedural matter that extends the timetable to file an appeal for up to 90 days. The filing does not guarantee that Guyger’s attorneys will file an appeal in the case.