All Vendors Of Agricultural Produce Must Be Registered

PR – In an effort to strengthen praedial larceny prevention measures through increased monitoring, the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Fisheries and Co-operatives is reminding ALL vendors of agricultural produce to be registered in keeping with the Praedial Larceny Amendment Act of 2020 to avoid being suspended from selling.

According to the Sub-section 12(A) of the Praedial Larceny (Amended) Act of 2005, “Every person who sells, trades in, supplies or otherwise disposes of agriculture produce of the weight of fifteen (15) pounds or more shall be registered in the manner provided in this section”.

Further, “any person who commits an offence against this Act shall be liable to a fine of not less than three (3) thousand dollars or not more than ten (10) thousand dollars and imprisonment for twenty-four (24) months”.

To register, vendors must:

• Complete the Vendors’ Registration Form that can be sourced at the Ministry of Agriculture and all District Extension Offices.

• Vendors will be required to take a photo for placement on the Identification Card.

• After completing the Registration Form, a Ministry of Agriculture representative will assess the application documents and visit the vending area/site where the vendor operates before completing the application process.

A Vendor Registration is required by individuals who sell all agriculture produce including:

• Vegetables
• Root Tubers
• Spices
• Fruit Juices
• Livestock
• Poultry, etc.