All-Island Cricket Competition Interrupted By Gunmen In Hanover

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – A Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) all-island cricket match was interrupted over the weekend in Hanover by about nine gun-wielding men who reportedly walked on the field brandishing their weapons.

The first of a two-day match was in the second innings when the incident which had nothing to do with the game reportedly took place, leaving spectators running for cover.

The police who confirmed the incident were unable to provide details. The police said they were not informed of the planned match before the date.

However, reports reaching the OBSERVER ONLINE are that sometime between 4:00 and 5:00 pm on Saturday, nine men entered the Elgin Town community. A fight later ensued in which a man was reportedly beaten and guns were drawn. It is not clear if the man was the intended target.

Frightened spectators who saw what was happening reportedly ran for cover following which the men reportedly walked onto the community centre field where the match was being held with guns in hand.

The police who arrived on the scene reportedly advised the organisers to call off the match.

President of the Hanover Cricket Association Dwayne Clayton has acknowledged that that his association which was responsible for the planning of the event fell short of informing the police of the planned event. He said going forward, this will be done.

A distraught Clayton said what took place is “not looking good and work has to be done to prevent a recurrence.”

“It is a very bad situation and we are looking to see how we can not have this issue reoccur. It is the first time that we have seen something like this and we need to as an association work together to try to prevent something like that from reoccurring,” stated Clayton.

He said the association is looking into the possibility of relocating matches to its prior venue, Rusea’s High School campus two. In the past matches were held at Rusea’s before it was moved to Elgin Town. This is also the first match in five years at the Elgin Town location.

Clayton said no decision has been made by the JCA as to how the match will be completed.