Agriculture Minister Discusses Grenada-China Collaboration In High Level Meeting With Chinese Ambassador


PR Minister for Economic Development and Planning, Agriculture and Lands, Forestry, Marine Resources and Cooperatives, Hon.  Lennox Andrews, engaged in a constructive meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Grenada, His  Excellency, Wei Hongtian, to discuss upcoming projects slated for completion under the eighth  phase of the agricultural technical cooperative agreement between Grenada and the People’s  Republic of China, initiated in October 2023. 

The meeting convened at the Chinese Agricultural Mission at La Sagesse, St. David on January  17, 2024. As part of the diplomatic exchange, Minister Andrews, accompanied by his technical  team comprised of representatives from the Agronomy, Extension, and Land Use Divisions, was  

provided with a tour of the La Sagesse Farm. This tour offered the Minister insights into the  diverse array of crops being cultivated on the farm and provided a glimpse into the planned  additions for the future. 

“I can see that you are doing great work here in Grenada for the people, and certainly, we are  going to continue, and we are going to get stronger and better,” said Minister Andrews to  Ambassador Wei. He added, “My medium-term goal is to use agriculture to eradicate poverty in  Grenada, so we need to continue working together.”  

The discussions during the meeting centered around various projects aimed at making a positive  impact on agriculture in Grenada. 

Under the eighth phase, one notable project is the construction of the Tissue Culture Laboratory,  an initiative poised to enhance technology used in farming. Other projects include facility  upgrades and technical support for farmers, particularly in the area of irrigation. Minister  Andrews and Ambassador Wei Hongtian also engaged in discussions about the implementation  of long-term and short-term training programmes. These programmes are designed to introduce  advanced agricultural sciences to the local sector and provide general assistance to farmers.

“I think the phase eight programme has been going on smoothly since last year, now we have  entered the new year, 2024, and we will do more with the collaboration of the team from the  Ministry of Agriculture. I think the two sides need to work closely together,” commented  Ambassador Wei. 

Expressing heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support extended by their Chinese  counterparts, Minister Andrews and his technical team eagerly anticipate a fruitful collaboration  that will significantly contribute to the growth and development of Grenada’s agricultural sector.  As Grenada and China solidify their commitment to agricultural excellence, the eighth phase  marks a renewed and strengthened chapter in their bilateral cooperation.