AEC Press Statement Regarding The COVID-19 Situation Confronting The Nation 

PR – As the church we have observed with concern the rapid increase in the number of positive COVID-19  cases in Grenada and have been saddened by the very precious lives lost as a result of same. We  continue to be prayerful and have faith that God will take us through this as a nation and we will be  returned to a place where there will be zero cases. God has done this for us before and he can do it  again!  

We also recognize that in order to achieve this, all sectors of our society and every individual have to  play a part and make sacrifices. We have always endeavored to lead by example and trust that other  sectors will exercise wisdom and prudence in this time with an effort of saving lives and towards the  overall welfare of our people.  

In this regard, we have agreed to take the following actions effective Sunday, September 5th.  

1) The month of September will be observed by the Church as a month of prayer for “Healing in the Land”. We appeal to every Church, prayer group and families to mobilize prayer during this month. Every Sunday afternoon at 5pm, the AEC will facilitate a joint virtual prayer event for “Healing in the Land”.  

2) All in-person Church services will be deferred to being held virtually for a period 2 weeks. To facilitate streaming of services, churches have the option of allowing a maximum of 10 persons (comprising of musicians, worshippers, technical support persons, preachers etc.) to come together. After the 2 weeks our position will be reevaluated with an effort of resuming in-person services as soon as it is safe to do so.  

3) Receptions at weddings should be suspended for the time being until it is safe to do so.  

4) Happy Hour at funerals should be suspended for the time being until it is safe to do so. 

5) The AEC will explore the establishment of a Prayer Hotline to give prayer support to those  infected and affected by COVID-19. 

6) Heads of denominations will record messages to our nation to deal with the crisis of fear and hopelessness as we confront the challenges before us.  

7) The Christian Counselors Commission of the AEC will make the services of qualified counselors available to our nation to provide support for those who may need same.  

We continue to trust ALMIGHTY GOD to take us through this!