Adjustments To Traffic Arrangement – H.A Blaize Street 

PR – The Traffic Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force hereby notifies the general public of the following adjustments to traffic arrangements, which resulted from the breakage of the road along H.A Blaize Street.  

All traffic travelling along H.A Blaize Street, St. George will be required to make a left turn onto Green Street. From Green Street, vehicles may make a right turn onto Bain’s Alley and proceed left towards Tanteen Road or make a right towards Hugh Street then a left towards The Carenage Road. Motorists may also continue along Green Street onto Park Lane and make a left turn towards Tanteen Public Road.

NB: No large trucks or coasters are allowed on Green Street. Large trucks or coasters wishing to access The Carenage from the town of St. George,  may do so by utilizing Lucas Street, Lowthers Lane, Tanteen Road, onto The Carenage. 

The RGPF apologizes for any inconvenience caused and anticipate the cooperation of everyone.