Adele And Rich Paul Are Getting Married Summer 2023

(URBAN ISLANDZ) – British singer Adele is reportedly engaged to sports superstar agent Rich Paul.

News of the engagement was shared on Sunday by a celebrity gossip blog, Deux Moi, which shared that a reliable source revealed the engagement. Adele and Rich Paul began dating sometime in 2021 despite knowing each other for a few years prior. The singer eventually migrated from her birth country England and settled in California as she pursued life as an entertainer.

In that time, she has performed at her Las Vegas Residency and has been spotted out and about with Paul at several of his high-profile games.

According to Deux Moi, the singer prompted fans to speculate that she was engaged after being spotted wearing a huge diamond ring while performing. The blog went further to say that a “reliable source” also confirmed that the couple recently got engaged.

The blog also claimed that Adele, 34, and Paul, 41, are planning to wed in the summer later this year. The couple has been living together shortly after she moved to California.

In the meantime, there are also videos of Adele shared by fans showing her wearing the ring during her Las Vegas residency.

There are reports that the engagement came sometime last year when Adele was first spotted wearing a diamond ring at the BRIT Awards last year.

Online, Adele fans reacted to the engagement news with joy.

“Love it. he’s my husband’s homeboy from Cleveland Ohio. They have been together for a long time. Congratulations,” one fan wrote.

Others had words of caution for her. “Happy for her. I hope she’s not in la la land and is smart enough to get a prenup this time,” another added.

“Better get an iron clad prenup this time sis! Don’t get got twice,” another warned. “Love them together so I’m here for it. Congrats to them,” another said.