Address By Prime Minister, Hon. Dickon Mitchell, To Observe United Nations Public Service Day

Fellow Public Officers, 

I greet you on this auspicious United Nations Public Service Day. As Prime Minister, I  extend my sincerest gratitude to each of you for Yeoman’s service to the public service and  to this country. Heartfelt commendations are also extended to all Public Officers globally.  

Jacob Lew said, there is no higher calling in terms of a career than public service, which is  a chance to make a difference in people’s lives and improve the world. 

As we celebrate this day, we recognise the invaluable contributions of Public Servants, and  commend their dedication and commitment to service, while upholding the values of public  service. Your unwavering commitment, professionalism, and dedication are the bedrock  upon which our society thrives. Government also stands with you in our shared and  collective vision of transforming Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique. I, therefore,  encourage every public officer to reflect on, and reaffirm your commitment to service and  to uphold the Public Service Values of being Responsive, Ethical, People-centric, and  Professional, even as you engage in your planned programme of activities to commemorate  the occasion.  

I am indeed delighted to remind you of the Value Statement that eloquently expresses your  core values at REPP. I quote: “Grenada’ Public Service is committed to upholding the  highest ethical standards while striving to promote equity, inclusion, and respect for all as  we embrace innovation, manage change, and collaborate with stakeholders to continuously  improve our responsiveness and professionalism, while remaining dedicated to the well 

being and advancement of employees and the people we serve.” In other words, as public  officers, your purpose is not just to serve, but to serve with distinction and to bridge the  gap between the aspirations of the people and the policies of good governance.  

In doing so, you will build trust, inspire confidence, and uphold the values in an  accountable, efficient, and transparent manner.

I further commend you for embracing the 50th Independence anniversary theme for this  year’s Public Service Day Recognition: One People, One Journey, One Future, which  signifies unity and collective progress. Moreover, it underscores your role in serving the  people with a shared vision of a better future. Despite your individual roles,  responsibilities, ministries, and departments, we all work towards a common goal that  benefits our society. 

The citizens of this country also experienced that collective purpose on Friday, June 14,  when ministries and departments collaborated to execute the Public Service Extravaganza.  The initiative served as a reminder of the essential role that public institutions play in  upholding democracy, promoting social justice, and achieving organisational goals.  Indeed, the public had a greater appreciation for the services offered by the Public Service. 

“One People”: Our culture is our identity, defining who we are as citizens of this tri-island  state. Despite our diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences, we are warm, dynamic,  and vibrant people who are in the same community. Public officers, you serve as stewards  of the cultural communities, since your role is to serve all people while fostering resilient  and harmonious societies. You are tasked with serving all members of society impartially,  ensuring everyone has equal access to opportunities and resources. Part of this  government’s vision is a nation transformed into an eco-friendly, fair, equitable, dynamic,  prosperous, and stable democracy capable of sustaining a high quality of life for all its  people. 

“One Journey”—we are all on this journey together. Public officers, each of you is crucial  in guiding and supporting individuals and communities through various challenges and  transitions. Whether through policymaking, public service delivery, or community  engagement, they help shape the path towards a brighter future for all. As you journey to  Carriacou on June 22, as one people, I wish you every success. Have fun, engage in good  camaraderie, and experience the diverse cultural heritage of Carriacou and Petite  Martinique. 

“One Future” speaks to our shared aspirations for our society. Public officers work  towards building an inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous future for generations to come.  This involves long-term planning, foresight, and collaboration with stakeholders from all  sectors to address current issues and anticipate future needs. 

Noteworthy, “One People, One Journey, One Future” reminds public officers of their  responsibility to serve the collective good and uphold the principles of the Public Service  values of being responsive, ethical, people-centric, and professional as we work towards  a future where everyone can thrive. 

I thank the cross-ministerial planning committee for their unwavering commitment to  ensuring successful activities to commemorate Public Service Day.

Gratitude is extended to our business community, whose partnership with the cross ministerial committee enriches our ability to serve the community. Your unwavering  support strengthens our mission, thus enabling us to be innovative, collaborate, and effect positive change. Together, we empower public officers and promote inclusion and  progress. Thank you for your commitment to building stronger and more resilient  communities. 

With deepest respect and appreciation, thank you for your exemplary service and  unwavering dedication to the ideals of public service. 

Thank you all, and happy International Public Service Day, 2024.