Accomadation For Sick Students Who Are Registered To Write CPEA 2022

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PR – The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development,  Religious Affairs, and Information has shared for the guidance of parents and guardians,  the process that will be utilised to determine the eligibility of Grade Six students to enter  a secondary school if they are registered to sit the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment  (CPEA) 2022, but are unable to do so due to illness. 

The process is as follows: 

The illness must be certified by a medical report. 

The candidate’s results from the internal component of the CPEA, together with  his/her performance at the Minimum Competency Test (M.C.T.) will be utilised to  derive a composite score. 

The candidate’s overall score will be compared with the performance of his/her  peers who sat the external component of the examination and they will be duly  ranked. 

The procedures as laid out in the Ministry of Education’s policy for placement of  Grade Six students in secondary schools will be upheld. 

Students who fall ill during the administration of the assessments will be treated likewise. 

The Ministry, Management and Staff express best wishes to all students for a successful  outcome.