A Christmas Message From The Chairman Of The Grenada Movement

PR – As we  observe  this  religious and  festive  season  of  Christmas, The Grenada Movement  offers warm greetings to all Grenadians. 

Notwithstanding  that  this  year  we  are  facing  the  season  under  a  dark  cloud  of  crisis  because of the alarming increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, we call upon you to  draw  deeply  on  your  reserves  of  hope,  of  goodwill  and  resilience. We  implore  our  Grenadian brothers and sisters, affected by the pandemic in one way or another, not to  be daunted, though the road ahead may seem impassable. 

Deep within the Grenadian character, there is a strength in all of us that has carried us  through the worst of times and has allowed us to continue to stand as a resilient people.  Let us keep each other in our thoughts and prayers, as we each face our own challenges. This year most of our usual activities and observances have been curtailed, through no  fault of the Grenadian people; thus, we must seek to find faith and joy amid the worry  of our current and unfortunate situation. 

To  the  families and individuals who have  felt  the direct burden of COVID-19, we offer  you solidarity and wish for your recovery within the shortest possible time. This season  of love and giving presents a wonderful opportunity for all of us to renew the Grenadian  spirit of fraternity and faith, to be each other’s keeper and to offer our greatest strength  to the least among us. 

The  Grenada Movement  understands  the  deep  sense  of  disappointment  and  betrayal  that most Grenadians  now  feel  towards  those in whom we  have  placed  our  trust and  our lives and who, through irresponsible leadership, have brought to our doors a health  catastrophe never faced before. We urge the government to use this season of rebirth  and renewal to make right the wrongs that the Grenadian people have been  forced to  endure. 

The careless acts that have led us to this place at this time; the fear and uncertainty that  have been unleashed on the people will shake our faith, but we must not buckle under  the insensitivity of our indifferent leaders. Now more than ever, as Grenadians, we must  stand  tall,  undaunted  by  the  tides  of  hopelessness  that  seek  to  overwhelm  us.  As  Grenadians, we must stand tall as our forebears did before us.

As we spend time in our own spaces of meditation and reflection and when we sit down  to  enjoy  a  meal with  our  families;  let  us  see  ourselves  reflected  in  their  faces;  let  us  realise the common destiny that we share as Grenadians and let us commit to renewal  across our land and in our lives. As the pandemic grows increasingly more dangerous for  us  here  in Grenada,  it  is  absolutely  important  that  each  of  us  takes  up  our  individual  responsibility to reverse it and turn it away from our shores. 

The  battle  is  for  us  to  win. Our  individual  and  collective  responsibility  will  deliver  the  victory. Grabbing hold of our destiny could not be more urgent than now. Uniting as a  People  could  not  be  more  critical  than  now.  A  brighter  day  is  within  our  reach. With  TGM, it is surely closer than the horizon.  

We of TGM offer hope and our hand,  to work  together  to save and build a better and  stronger  Grenada  that  will  let  our  generations  live  in  peace  – in  a  land  where  hope  comes easily and where goodwill is commonplace. 

We wish each and every Grenadian a season of good cheer.  May God continue to bless  us and bless our Land. 

Merry Christmas!