$34.3 Million Awarded In Scholarships  

PR – The Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture  held its first, virtual Scholarship Awards Ceremony for 2023 on Thursday, March 30 via the ZOOM  platform. 

Ninety two (92) scholarships, valued at EC$34.3 million were awarded for the academic year commencing  January 2023. A total of 76 awards were presented to students for study at the St. George’s University, at  a cost of EC$34.1 million, for study in the areas of arts and science, pre-medicine, medicine, nursing and  veterinary science. Three economic cost bursaries valued at more than EC$107, 900 were awarded to  students attending UWI’s main campuses for study in the area of law. Eight scholarships valued at more  than EC$10, 800 were presented by the Grenada Houston Association to students at the secondary and  tertiary level, and five students benefitted from more than EC$21, 900 awarded by the Mother Noel  Charity, a new organization providing financial assistance to students of secondary and tertiary level  institutions. 

Minister for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture Sen. the Hon. David Andrew congratulated awardees,  reminding everyone that the aim is still to have at least one university graduate per household.  

He said, “I am particularly delighted that at this time we have included awardees for law at the Cave Hill  Campus. That was prohibited prior to our arrival in office and, so, I am happy to see that we have removed  the restriction placed on students of law at the UWI campus.” 

The Education Minister extended thanks to all partners, noting that the Ministry of Education and the  Government of Grenada are pleased with the collaboration. 

Hon. Andrew told awardees that they are a significant part of the country’s transformation process, saying,  “We are hopeful that we are going to receive the benefits of this investment in you in the coming years.  Take it seriously, do your best and ensure that you seek to give back to this country.” 

The Permanent Secretary with responsibility for Education, Elvis Morain thanked the staff at the  Scholarship Desk.

He said, “I must extend my personal appreciation for the hard work that they have been doing in interfacing  with you, the recipients, but, of course, all persons who have walked through this department, as well as  our various partners who have been with us for a very long time.” 

SGU Associate Dean of Admissions Colin Dowe highlighted the history of support provided by the SGU, and the close working relationship between the university and the Government of Grenada which was  established since 1977. 

Dowe emphasized the strong legacy that the SGU students will be part of at SGU. 

He said, “You are joining a legacy of upwards of 22, 000 graduates. You are joining a legacy that speaks  about the number one provider of physicians to the U.S. healthcare system. You are joining a legacy that,  in 2023 alone, has placed upwards of 970 physicians – new physicians – into the U.S. healthcare market.  You are joining a legacy that speaks to the largest private employer on island.” 

The chairperson of the Mother Noel Charity, Watkinson Noel, founded the charity in memory of his mother.  

Regarding the scholarship, he said, “Our format is slightly different to that of Grenada Houston Association.  We are not going by parishes. As we’re starting out, we look to award between five and six scholarships  per year initially until support builds up with funds.” 

Chair of the Grenada Houston Association Scholarship Committee, Grace Peppers encouraged recipients. 

She said, “I hope one day to see you and hear of all your accomplishments. All your hard work will some  day pay off.” 

Minister of State with responsibility for Youth, Sports and Culture Hon. Ron Redhead said the scholarships  awarded are essential to building Grenada, referencing the importance of nursing scholarships in particular. 

He said, “These opportunities, while they still may be scarce, they are still relevant for us to move ourselves  and our country forward.” 

Scholarship recipient, Arhysa Noel, delivered the vote of thanks on behalf of all awardees.