2024 Shelter Inspection Process Commenced  

PR – On Monday, February 12th, 2024, the  National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) through the National Shelter Management  Committee, commenced its annual Emergency Shelter inspection process. The inspection is  expected to conclude in mid-April.

Each year, NaDMA conducts inspections and designates buildings including schools, community  centers, churches, and private structures as Emergency Shelters. The inspection team will visit  buildings on mainland Grenada and on Carriacou and Petite Martinique.  

At the end of the inspection, the team will prepare a report, and submit a list of recommended  Emergency Shelters to Cabinet. Upon approval, the list will be published by June 1st. 

NaDMA urges all those who have responsibility for the buildings to be inspected to make the  facilities available at the appointed date and time, therefore ensuring that the work of the inspection  team is completed without delays.  

Citizens are reminded that their home is the first place of shelter during a storm or Hurricane, and  as such all efforts should be made to fortify their homes during peacetime in preparation for any  eventuality. If there are uncertainties about the ability of the home to withstand the event, then  one should seek shelter with family or friends. If all efforts fail, then the activated Emergency Shelter is the last alternative.  

NaDMA encourages all citizens to have an emergency supplies kit with resources necessary for  survival for at least three days as well as a one-month supply of prescription medications. 

For additional information, please contact Mrs. Ruth Jacob-Roberts, Public Information Officer, NaDMA, on 440-8390-4: cell: 533-0766, or email: pro@nadma.gd and admin@nadma.gd. 

NaDMA is the official source for all disaster-related information in Grenada.