12°N, 61°W Grenada Film Festival: Celebrating Half-Decade Of Pioneering The Grenadian Film Industry This October

PR – The 12°N, 61°W Grenada Film Festival, renowned as the 1261 Film Festival and produced by Mprojekts Creative Group, is celebrating a momentous milestone this year as it marks half a decade of leading Grenada’s independent film industry and gaining international industry recognition in the process. The festival has successfully built cultural bridges through cinema and innovation, connecting Grenada with Africa and beyond. 

From October 24-29, 2023, under the banner of “From Small Seeds to Big Dreams: Five to Fifty,” we pay tribute to Grenada’s journey towards its 50th year of independence while showcasing the festival’s remarkable growth and impact. This year’s festival experience centers around five pillars: Films, Culture, Technology, Education, and Entertainment. 

Participants in the 1261 Film Festival can look forward to the glitz of the Red Carpet  Opening Night, film premieres, cutting-edge VR/AI experiences, enlightening masterclasses, and engaging panel discussions led by industry experts. Our Youth Art & Tech Fest, set for Saturday, October 28, 2023, aims to introduce the younger generation to opportunities that offer immersive experiences blending art and technology. 

Festival Director Meschida Philip extends her heartfelt appreciation to her dedicated team, partners, and supporters for bringing her vision to life. Philip emphasized that “our ongoing ef orts aim to spotlight and celebrate Grenadian talent, locally and in the diaspora, making significant contributions to Grenada’s presence in the global film and entertainment industry.” 

The festival’s official endorsement from the Office of Creative Affairs and the Grenada Tourism Authority underscores its pivotal role in advancing Grenada’s creative and cultural sectors. The festival’s innovative initiatives span a broad spectrum, encompassing education, workshops, cultural exchange, cinematic innovation, tourism, and economic impact. 

Clifford Browne, co-founder of Caribbean Coding Academy Grenada, said, “This collaboration represents a significant advancement for Grenada, of ering networking opportunities that can shape a brighter future for the island’s highly innovative young tech minds and creators poised for global success.” 

The 1261 Film Festival presents a distinctive chance for businesses and individuals to contribute to the growth of Grenada’s film industry. Companies and individuals interested in making a difference by fostering economic growth and showcasing Grenada’s cultural richness, heritage, and creative talent can contact us. Our partners include Gem Consultancy, Xtrace Digital Solutions, Caribbean Coding Academy Grenada, Sonic X Studios, and The Nouveaux Regards Film Festival in Guadeloupe. 

The 1261 Film Festival eagerly anticipates embracing filmmakers, artists, enthusiasts, and visitors in a celebration that magnifies creativity, culture, and the indomitable spirit of Grenada.