𝐌igrate 𝐅rom 𝐀nd 𝐃elete 𝐒piceisle.com 𝐄mail Accounts Now

The Grenada National Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT-Gnd) is advising 𝐀𝐋𝐋 active users of email accounts utilizing the spiceisle.com domain to migrate to another platform with urgency.

The lack of proper support, the absence of basic essential security mechanisms, and the instances of recent credentials leak and data breaches through compromised devices, has led to cyber-criminals being able to access and use these accounts for nefarious purposes.

CSIRT-Gnd is also advising the public and business entities that instructions received via email and text messages should always be verified before acting on them, especially when money is involved.

Anyone needing additional information, assistance or general online safety advice can contact the National Cyber Security Incident Response Team on WhatsApp and
Telegram at (473) 423-2478; via email at csirtgnd@gov.gd; or on Facebook, Instagram and X at @csirtgnd