Dancehall Artist Tommy Lee Sparta Arrested For Possession Of Illegal Gun

(URBAN ISALNDZ)  – Dancehall artist Tommy Lee Sparta was arrested for illegal firearm.

Law enforcement sources confirmed with Urban Islandz on Monday that Tommy Lee Sparta will be spending a night in jail following his arrest near a popular hotel in New Kingston. According to Nationwide News, the Jamaican entertainer, whose real name is Leroy Russell Jr, was picked up by lawmen after it was believed that he was in possession of an illegal firearm. A 9 Millimeter Glock Pistol was confiscated by the police during the operation.

Sadly, this is not the first jail spree for the Montego Bay born entertainer. The entertainer, who now resides in Kingston, had a rather undesirable stint with police this year after he was called in for questioning by the St. James police. Tommy Lee Sparta reported to the police on July 08, where he was subsequently held without charge until the middle of August.

The State Of Emergency was imposed on the parish of St. James at the time and provided police with the power to keep him in custody without any charges laid against him. The deejay was called in to answer to crimes being committed in his volatile community of Flankers, Montego Bay. It was reported that since the deejay’s incarceration, they were able to apprehend numerous persons of interest from the area.

His tainted relationship with police stems back a few years. In 2014 he was held for his alleged involvement in lottery scamming. Two years later, he had another run-in with lawmen after a major shooting in Kingston. The following he was once alleged to be involved in a shooting incident in his native Flankers. In 2018 he was once again held to answer to a violent flare-up in the notoriously tough community.

Following his most arrest, many fans urged the entertainer to change his act and possibly leave the island for good. Based on the deejay’s recent releases, he’s still the same Tommy Lee Sparta many have grown to love. The deejay has been steadily preparing for an upcoming tour of Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean, which could be derailed if his latest charges stick.

Tommy Lee Sparta’s lawyer, Ernest Smith, has not yet released a statement surrounding the recent arrest.