Update – NAWASA’s Water Systems

PR – The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) advises of the restoration of ALL water systems except the following that are still challenged with high river turbidity and dam blockages.

Water System Affected Communities
Spring Garden, St. Andrew Birch Grove, Adelphi, Beaureguard, Providence, Lower & Upper Capital, Balthazar, La Digue, Belle Vue Land, Noel’s Hill, St. James, The Mammy, Bocas, Brandon Hall.
Mt. Plaisir, St. John Mt. Nesbit, Grand Roy, Marigot, Black Bay, The Town of St. Gouyave, The entire St. John area.
Pomme Rose, St. David Pomme Rose, La Boo, Felix Part, Mamma Cannes, Crochu, La Tante, Marlmount, Requin, Belle Vue.
Les Avocat, St. David Minorca, Windsor Forest, Apsley, Perdmontemps, Marian, St. Paul’s, Richmond Hill, Morne Jaloux, La Borie, Hope Vale, Creighton.

NAWASA continues to monitor the improvements in these resources and once conditions permit production will resume. 

While some systems are considered operational, consumers may receive low pressure, as those systems are not yet at optimal production. We appreciate your understanding and we will continue to update you as conditions improve.